You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers


How do I refer a patient to Vancouver Thoracic Surgery?

Referring doctors please fax new referrals directed to a specific thoracic surgeon at the numbers listed below.

  • Dr John Yee. Fax: 604-875-5828

  • Dr Anna McGuire. Fax: 604-398-8587

  • Dr Kyle Grant. Fax: 778-897-3197

  • Dr Leith Dewar.  Fax: 778-897-3113

  • Dr James Choi. Fax 604-676-7768

Where is the Vancouver Thoracic Surgery Office located?

We are located at the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre (DHCC) on the 7th floor.  The building entrance is 2775 Laurel Street (between 12th and 10th Avenue). The closest major intersection is Oak Street and 12th Avenue.

Where can I find Parking for the DHCC and VGH?

There is by-the-hour pay parking: 

  • In the DHCC Underground Parking Lot off Laurel Street.

  • In the above ground 12th Avenue Parking Lot across from VGH (weekly passes available).

  • Metered on the streets around the DHCC and VGH.

How can I Donate to Vancouver Thoracic Surgery?

Sometimes patients ask us how to make a donation of gratitude to Vancouver Thoracic Surgery. If you that wish to make a donation, you can do so through the Excellence in Thoracic Surgery VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation account.

You can access this online at:

Alternatively you can give Candice Tsang (604-875-5709) at the VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation a call, and they would be happy to assist you in making a donation.